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08 /11 2017
トロピカルパラダイス、ケアンズにあるCCEB(Cairns College of English & Business)のNamiです。

単語や発音、相手に伝えるための表現力とスピーキング力を伸ばしたい人にはGeneral English(一般英語)コースがおすすめです。

CCEBでは毎週金曜日はスピーキングプレゼンテーションの日です。  4ヶ月の人は17回、半年留学する人にとっては合計24回、1年留学する人にとっては52回も行いますのでCCEBの生徒さんたちは流暢に自信をもって人前で話す力を身につけているんです。

プレゼンテーションは一人でやるときもあれば、ペアでやったり、グループでやることもあります。 ペアワークなどでチームワーク力もつき、英語でのリサーチ力も身につきますよ。

担任制で毎日会っている先生がしっかり指導してくれるから初心者の方でも大丈夫ですよ。 みなさん緊張するのは最初の4週くらいで、その後は笑いながらこなせるはずです。その週に習ったことをプレゼンテーションで使っていきます。


バーション1 たのしくアナウンサーとリポーターになって発表

バーション2  一人でパワーポイントを使って発表

バージョン 3  ペアで隣同士に座って発表

こちらにはIntermediateクラスの日本人のMarinaちゃんとスイス人のCristianさんのペアが作成したパワーポイントと文章を拝借してきたのでご紹介。  (現物はパワーポイントなのですが、こちらのBlogにパワーポイントのまま乗せられないのでJpgにしてわけて添付しています)
赤字になっている部分のPhrasal Verbを使ってストーリーを作ったようです。

この週はTake care of、 Give up, Dropped off, check it out, Picked something up, got into something, look after, fook for, turn up, keep in touch, bump into hang outなどの熟語(Phrasal Verbs)を学んだので、それらを使いこなしてストーリーを作りました。

Marina-and-Cristian-1thvqdh (1)

We will talk about a boy who was abandoned in front of a door by his homeless parents.

Marina-and-Cristian-1thvqdh (1)2

In 1989 a poor homeless couple found out that they would have a baby. They couldn’t take care of the baby so they decided to give up having a baby in their life.

David was a baby around 3 weeks of age when he was dropped off on the floor at someone’s doorstep.

His parents put a note in the basket with David in it that said ‘I’m David; my parents couldn’t take care of me so they would be very grateful if you can do it’

Marina-and-Cristian-1thvqdh (1)3

Nick, a single man who was the owner of the house, heard a baby crying outside of his place so he went there to check it out. He was very surprised to see an abandoned baby in the basket. He picked the baby up and got into the house.

Marina-and-Cristian-1thvqdh (1)4

He was looking for David’s parents but unfortunately he didn’t find them so he started to look after the baby while he was working at home.

Fifteen years later, one day someone turned up at his house and… it was David’s parents.

They wanted to see David but he wasn’t there so Nick talked with them.

Then when David’s parents were leaving the house, they bumped into David but he didn’t know they were his parents so Nick told him everything about it and since then they kept in touch

Marina-and-Cristian-1thvqdh (1)6

Two years later they set up a big company together becoming the major player in the boat industry in America.

Marina-and-Cristian-1thvqdh (1)7

David still lives with Nick and they are a happy family. He is also studying to be a lawyer. His parents took overthe company and they often go over to see David and Nick to just hang out.

Marina & Cristian, Intermediate A

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